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ICO of Decentralized Travel Booking

How Travala Renovates The Booking Industry With Blockchain Technology

How Travala Renovates The Booking Industry With Blockchain Technology

About The Project

A web application powers one of the first travel booking sites that accept crypto payment.

Technology Stack

  • Ethereum
  • NodeJS
  • VueJS
  • PHP

The Challenges

Noticing the benefits of blockchain adaptation for their business, our clients approached and trusted us with their vision for improving their operation. The request contained critical requirements to ensure a travel booking platform that is transparent, secure, user-friendly, with crypto payment and reward points allowed.

travala mobile app
travala web app

The Solutions

We adhered to this cross-device project with our experts in web-based, mobile applications and blockchain. We used Agile as the core project management to ensure a seamless collaboration in developing and testing.

The Results

Travala has become the leading booking site with blockchain application. A new payment method and loyalty program using tokens are built into Travala. In addition, Ekoios ran Travala’s ICO in the NEO platform and developed their wallet. The Decentralized Travel Booking Platform implementation helped raise $2 million in funding for our client.

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