Senior Java Developer_Salary range $1000 – $1500

  1. Job Description

  • Development of applications on Java platform according to customer requirements;
  • Participate in system analysis, design, development and maintenance;
  • Be the one who investigates difficult techniques, gives solutions to the team.
  • Participate in design document review and source code review activities;
  • Create high-level and low-level design techniques when required;
  • Define goals and solutions through analyzing user requirements, visualizing the features and functions of the system;
  1. Job Requirements

  • Over 4 years of experience working as a java programmer, knowledgeable about Struts 1 and MVC Spring
  • Ability to choose techniques, offer solutions for optimal performance
  • Experience in requirement analysis, system architecture design
  • Master OOP, Design Pattern, client-server model, Architecture Pattern (MVP, MVVM, VIPER)
  • Understanding software development lifecycle (waterfall, agile)
  • Experience in using Git version management tools.
  • Have the spirit of inquisitive to learn and work independently.
  1. Benefits

  • Salary range: 1000$ – 1500$
  • Performance review twice a year
  • 2 months probation with 100% salary, after probation pay insurance according to salary level.
  • Working time: 8h/day from Monday to Friday.
  • Minimum 14-month salary, 13-month salary depends on the actual number of months working at the company.
  • Bonuses for Tet holidays as prescribed: 30 / 4.1 / 5, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year, birthday, … reward projects, excellent individuals.
  • Join team building: 1 time / quarter, travel: 1 time / year, Company birthday, Year-end party, …
  • Participate in periodical health check for all employees with good service.
  • Full support for server certification exam costs for business development needs.
  • Be provided with equipment when working at the company.
  • Have the opportunity to join free Japanese and English classes, soccer clubs, sprints, games.
  • Opportunity to experience your expertise in a young and dynamic environment.
  1. Contact us:

  • Send CV to mail:
  • Skype: ngolan220298

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